We connect shippers with the best carriers or truck for the job, minus the outrageous broker’s fee. Many freight analysts have advised FMCSA that freight brokers grossly overcharge shippers and severely underpay carriers. This is nonsense! Negotiate prices directly without calling a freight broker -- and cut your cost!

Our process is straightforward.


Enter your shipment

Input the details of your shipment into our intake form or call (716) 860-8379 . Your company and personnel information is never displayed and always kept confidential. Only load details are displayed! This will help determine the best mode and truck needed for the job. Do you need a refrigerated truck, flatbed, or van? Have a smaller-size shipment? Don’t worry -- our smart system will custom-match your exact details.


Receive bids from the
best-matched carrier or trucker.

Only see bids that match your shipment needs, with no need to sort through hundreds of options. We’ll send you a list and prices, so you can accept the bid or fixed price that’s ideal for your needs. Our smart algorithm will let you know what the real spot market price will be, not letting a freight broker determine the freight costs. All carriers’ FMSCA will be available for your review.


Accept your preferred bid and get shipping!

Once you’ve accepted a bid, we facilitate the contract details and take it from there, We never charge percentage or commissions of the cost of the load. You’ll be in-the-know about where your shipment is and the latest status. Shippers have 30-60 days to pay invoices and carriers get paid within 24 hours of delivering a load and enjoy our management tools.

Our Satisfied Customers

Real-Time Updates


Shippers / Manufacturers

When you negotiate the cost of your freight directly with thousands of carriers, you will not need to be under the mercy of a single freight broker to determine your freight cost. When you take out the middleman, you will always save money. Your competitors are saving thousand of dollars by using our service and according to industry analysts you are being grossly overcharged.

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Carriers / Truckers

Are you sick of freight brokers ripping you off and taking 20%-30% or more of the load cost they negotiated with shippers? It's time to start working directly with shippers and negotiating the cost of your loads directly. Skip the middleman or freight broker with our new technology revolutionizing the trucking industry.

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