About Us

It’s time to “Break Away From The Broker” and not be at the mercy of freight brokers any longer. Freight Match is revolutionizing the trucking industry, and we want shippers and carriers to be a part of this new paradigm shift for how freight delivery costs are determined.

Freight Match removes the need for a middleman or freight broker!

We help shippers.

We provide a robust software that matches shippers and carriers directly, allowing the two parties to negotiate the price for freight delivery between themselves. When you take out the freight broker -- using our free software at absolutely no cost -- shippers save approximately $200 -$400 per load booked instead of using a freight broker. According to several large freight analysts and consultants “freight brokers are grossly overcharging shippers and most shippers do not even know it.” This must stop!

We also help carriers.

All carriers know freight brokers charge approximately 20%-30% or more of what they negotiated the load with the shipper. We are here to put a stop to this madness. With Freight Match, carriers earn tens of thousands dollars by removing the need for a middleman or freight broker. Enjoy the freedom to negotiate rates without a freight broker determining the cost of the load.

How we work.

Freight Match never takes a percentage or commission from the load price the shipper and carrier have agreed on. Not only will the shipper be saving money and the carrier earning more money, Freight Match’s software has many other benefits that come with using our system.

Benefits of working with us.

  • Freight Match technology is free to use for both shippers and carriers
  • Carriers simply pay a small, one-time flat-fee of $79.99 per load, added to rate, not upfront
  • Shippers and carriers negotiate prices directly without the need of a freight broker
  • Freight Match is simple to use online by logging in or calling our customer service specialists
  • Call our 800 number and our customer service reps will do everything for you
  • Use our “smart load rate algorithm” to see what the standard rate should be
  • Our load rate algorithm helps the shipper and carrier determine the rate, not a freight broker
  • Freight Match is bonded and insured
  • No long term contracts, use Freight Match when you want
  • Real time tracking of freight from pick up to delivery

And so much more! 

The rate to use Freight Match is added on to the carrier's invoice for only a small flat rate of $79.99. No matter what the rate the shipper and carrier agree to, we never charge a commission on any loads.

Visit our FAQs page for additional details, or call our customer service team at 1-844-948-7825.