The rate to use Freight Match is added on to carriers invoice for only a small flat rate of $79.99, no matter what the rate the shipper and carrier agree to, we never charge a commission on any loads.


A. No, its absolutely free for shippers and carriers to sign up and use Freight Match

A. Yes, all you do is fill in your information to start and then you will be able to login to your account and use our system as shippers just post the details of their load criteria and carriers that match that criteria will get an a notification in their account page and email and carriers will also be able to view all of available loads in system or just by city, state, zip codes

A. Then all you do is call our 800 number and our customer service reps will take care of everything for you

A. Freight Match has a smart algorithm that gives you exactly what the price per mile for that lane should be and what the total cost of that delivery should be so the shipper and carrier determine the price, not a freight broker.

A. Yes, you can post as many loads you want at no cost and carriers can bid on as many loads as they want at no cost

A. You will get a notification on your account page and an email plus our customer service will call you to notify you have offers on your load you need delivered

A. That is fine as all you do is instead of putting down the price, you just dictate what fixed price you want to pay for that load.

A. Our system will automatically alert you on your account page that a shipper's offer came in that matches your trucking criteria and you will be alerted by email

A. Yes, on your account page you will be able to view all shippers loads in our system or choose by city, state and zip code

A. It's simple, all you do is go to your account and simply view the shippers criteria and either put in a bid or agree to fixed price from shipper and hit submit and your bid or approval of fixed price will go directly to shipper for review and approval

A. You will receive an alert message on your account page for incoming bid/fixed offer from carrier and you will get an email notification plus a customer service rep will call you to verify

A. You will know immediately as you will get a notification on your account page along with a email notification plus our customer service reps will call you

A. Yes- All loads are shown only as a load ID number only and shippers and carriers personal company information is never displayed

A. Yes, on your account page this information automatically populate when a carriers offer comes and provide you all these details before you agree to use carrier

A. Freight Match customer service department will take care of everything including all contracts, rate cons, insurance certificates, factoring paperwork as each transaction will have their own customer service rep taking care of everything from start to finish and shipper and carrier do not have to do anything but sign a few documents

A. Yes, Freight Match uses a smart app that will let the shippers and carriers always see real time location were the truck is from pick up at shipper to in transit to delivery location

A. No, Freight Match takes care of paying carrier through our factoring partner and you do not have to worry about paying carriers

A. You will have 30-60 days to pay invoice and if you need 90 days we can get that arranged

A. No- There are no financing fees or any other fees added to the price of the invoice you negotiated with the carrier

A. Our factoring partner pays you within 24 hours of dropping off load

A. No, Freight Match never takes any percentage or commissions of total amount of load, we only charge one flat fee of $79.99 per load you negotiated with shipper and the factoring company only charges 2.9% to get you paid within 24 hours

A. No, Freight Match never will charge any fees upfront as we add this fee to cost of load you negotiated with shipper and we are only paid by factoring partner after your company has delivered the load and you have been paid

A. This does not make a difference as our factoring partner will still pay your company via direct deposit via ACH within 24 hours of delivering load just as your factoring company would pay you when you book a load through a freight broker but without the ridiculous freight brokers fees they charge

A. Freight Match customer service department takes care of all paperwork with factoring company so you get paid within 24 hours

A. Freight Match will always have plenty of shippers for you to choose from, but if there is not a shipper in our system close to where your drop off is located, Freight Match at no charge will help you find a backhaul load to one of our shippers if there is no one near where you are dropping off load as we can use one of our brokerage partners to keep you moving and get you back to shippers that our in our system

A. Yes, When you log into your account page there will be a page that just keeps track of all loads in color codes from waiting on contracts to be signed, to load in transit to completed loads and the whole load process from contract to final delivery is updated in real time and you will always see what the status of each load is

A. Yes, all of your freight shipments such as MTD and YTD loads and delivery locations, total amount of loads, total amount spent on freight cost any problems with loads plus more, Freight Match is also a freight management system

A. Yes, All of your deliveries such as MTD and YTD total deliveries, how much you earned, what lanes you ran, how many bids you placed and much more

A. Yes, - We have an active authority with a MC and DOT number along with a surety bond in place

**** Freight Match also donates 10% of all our sales to help children who have battled cancer and other very terrible diseases and have overcome this very difficult time in their young lives by providing them and their parents a full paid expense vacation to Disney World to help put some sort of happiness into their lives. If we can give them and their families a little bit of joy and put a smile on a child’s face, then it's worth it and this is very important to us. So, not only will you be cutting costs and earning more using Freight Match, you will support these children in a very difficult time in their lives!