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Carriers are you sick of freight brokers ripping you off and taking 20%-30% or more of the load cost they negotiated with shippers! Do you know that your competitors are earning much more money per load buy using our free software! It's time to start working directly with shippers and negotiating the cost of your loads directly with the shipper and skip the middleman or freight broker. Freight Match is a new software/App that is free to sign up and free to use our new technology which is going to revolutionize the trucking industry. Work directly with thousands of shippers and you will determine the price of the load using our software/ algorithms and not let a broker determine the price and get paid directly ACH within 24 hours of deriving the freight for the shipper, as Freight Match will never take a percentage or commission of the load cost like freight brokers, it does not matter if the load you negotiated with the shipper is $1,000 or $10,000. Plus we have many more benefits using our software/App. Please see below all the benefits of using Freight Match and not be under the mercy of a freight broker it's time to “Break Away From the Broker”

• Negotiate loads direct with shipper, skip the freight broker and earn 15%-30% or more per load • No more guessing what the freight broker paid for the load, you determine the cost • Freight Match software/algorithms will let you know what the spot price should be, not a broker  • Freight Match is Free to sign up and Free and easy to use our software/App  • Freight Match never takes a percentage of your loads you negotiated with shipper • Get paid directly from Freight Match's partner within 24 hours of delivery 

• Freight Match never gets paid before you drop of load

• See real time tracking of your vehicles during delivery 

• Freight Match gets paid directly from factoring partner and our flat fee is only $79.99 • If there is not a load on our system after you drop first load from shipper, we will find backhaul • Freight Match Is also a management tool which will help you keep track of all data on loads • Added features will be gas cards, BOL timestamps, and more

• Customer service will monitor loads and take care of all contracts and paperwork

• Choose from thousands of shippers 

• Freight Match is bonded 

As you can see the many benefits of using Freight Match and not be under the mercy of the freight broker. Freight Match will let you earn more money per load and help you manage all of your loads. So it’s time to Break Away From the Broker! Please click on the link below to sign up for free and one of our customer service reps will call you and answer any questions you may have. You can also call us at xxxxxx or email us at xxxxxx and we will contact you directly. We look forward to speaking with you and help your business grow