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Your competitors are saving tens of thousands of dollars in freight costs - and you should be too!

Freight Match allows YOU to determine the cost of shipping your freight, not a freight broker. We position you to negotiate rates with bids from thousands of carriers. Simply log into your account, post your load details, and sit back -- you will have multiple carriers bidding on your freight instead of letting one freight broker determine the rate.

Did you know that freight analysts have determined that freight brokers grossly overcharge shippers? When you take out the middleman, you always save money.

Benefits of Using Freight Match:

  • Post and negotiate your loads directly online or by calling our customer service
  • If you’re too busy to post your freight, just call customer service and we will take care of it for you!
  • Receive many quotes directly from the carriers and you choose which carrier you want to use
  • Our pricing algorithm allows you to see what rate you should be charged
  • All carriers’ FMCSA information will be provided to you, before you book the load
  • All your company information will be kept private from carrier when posting loads, ID # only
  • You have 30, 60 days to pay the invoice -- and more time if needed
  • Freight Match does not charge carrier a percentage of load, only a low flat fee
  • Freight Match pays carrier with in 24 hours of delivery so shippers do not have to take care of it
  • Freight Match is bonded and insured for all of your freight
  • Freight Match is free to sign up and free to use, with no cost to you at all!
  • Track and view in real time the location of your freight from pick up to delivery

There are many benefits in using Freight Match, but the biggest benefit of all is saving your company 15%-30% or more simply by using Freight Match and eliminating the middleman.

Stop guessing what freight brokers are charging you and you determine what the cost of the load should be. It’s time to Break Away From The Broker and start saving money -- with no cost and zero risk in using Freight Match!

If you do not have the time to post your load details and work with the carriers, let one of our dedicated customer service reps handle everything for you at no extra cost!

Visit our FAQs page for additional details, or call our customer service team at 1-716-860-8379.